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Background: Save our Homeland

As the World Tree began to wither, the seal on the Prime Evils weakened and they broke free from their prison. The same catastrophe also tore open a massive rift to the Elemental Planes.
The heroes of Sapphire are determined to save their homeland from the chaos. Now the most elite warriors head into the Eternal War of the Elemental Gods to prove themselves for the battles ahead.

Core Feature: Fight for Territory and Resources

Brave warriors,now is the time to prove your worth! The Eternal War takes PvP and strategy to a whole new level!
Represent your Faction and capture territory in an epic 3-day struggle;
Join a Legion and fight together across this bloody battlefield;
Use strategy and tactics while deploying Weapons to outwit your enemies;
Carefully plan your every move and victory will be within grasp!

Battlefield: Strongholds Prepare for War

The Eternal War World Map displays all Strongholds. If the path is clear,you can enter or move to any Stronghold from the map.