League of Angels II Romantic Valentine’s Day Party

18:27 Feb 14,2017

League of Angels II has prepared a series of Valentine’s Special events from Feb. 14th to Feb. 18th in this romantic season. Valentine’s special Suit, Mount, and Battle Pet have debuted on Sapphire to join in this grand party. Various events are about to start! See you in the romantic world of League of Angels II. 

 Image 1 League of Angels II Valentine's Party

Valentine Suit Amour- A glimpse of faithful love

Are you spending Valentine’s Day with your special someone? Planning to dress up for a romantic evening? Now you can dress to impress in League of Angels II as well with all new Valentine’s Costume - Amour! Combining an ultra-chic style with a romantic touch, this new costume is sure to make you stand out in elegance. Valentine’s Day Amour is here to give you a glimpse of faithful love. 

Image 2 League of Angels II Valentine Suit Amour

Valentine Mount Vermilion Hawk---Sacrifice for love or rain destruction

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, League of Angels II is debuting a brand new mount - Vermilion Hawk. This mythical bird is said to be the god of the South in ancient mythology. Because of its bird-like appearance and vermilion colored plumes, it is often confused as a Phoenix. But in reality, the Vermilion Hawk is even more rare and distinguished than the Phoenix, and also far more destructive. Vermilion Hawk has a clear stand on love and hate. It could sacrifice for love, or rain destruction on its hated enemies.

  Image 3 League of Angels II Valentine Mount Vermilion Hawk

Valentine Battle Pet---Let me protect the master’s happiness

As love fills the air, a mysterious and adorable new guest has just arrived on Sapphire! She has traveled all over the world and legend says wherever she goes, love is sure to blossom. Known as Mystic Fox, this cute flying red fox has come to bring warriors a bit of romance in their lives. Can anyone resist those charming eyes?

 Image 4 League of Angels II Valentine Battle Pet Mystic Fox

From Feb. 14th to Feb. 18th, all players can gather Valentine Chocolate and Romantic White Roses and exchange them for New suit Amour. Meanwhile Mythic grade Mount Vermilion Hawk will be available in Cross Server Resource Tycoon event.  From Feb. 16th to Feb. 17th, Battle Pet Mystic Fox shard can be gained in Lucky Tree event. More wonderful events awaits you in League of Angels II! 

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