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League of Angels II Adjustment on EU VAT Collection

08:00 Mar 18,2017

Based on EU VAT laws, starting from March 21 2017(00:00:01) EST, League of Angels II will adjust the collection method of EU VAT according to the country’s tax rate. The former VAT collection method based on an unified average tax rate according to server time zone will no longer be used.

After this update, the Recharge page will display the product price, and when players enter the payment page, the system will automatically add the VAT that players should pay. League of Angels II will collect EU VAT according to the standard tax rate of each EU country. For details of VAT rates of each EU country, please refer to 2017 European Union VAT rates

After the adjustment, we will issue a series of bonus events in-game for all players. Thank you for your support and understanding, and please continue to enjoy League of Angels II!

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