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Equip Your Battle Pet to recieve More Stat Bonus

17:06 Jul 05,2017

This time Version 2.32.0 offers you another new ways to enhance your battle pet power--Battle Pet Equipment! Lets preview the details of this feature.


How to Access it

Click the button Battle Pet to get in.



* All battle pets can share the same set of equipment which will bring different stat bonus to the pet in return.

* Each set of Pet equipment consists of four parts and different parts present different attributes. The attributes contain DMG Bonus, DEF Penetrate , Retaining part of Hit Rate or Crit Rate of Character. Finer quality means stronger stats.  

* Enhancing the equipment will receive stat boosts.

* The Battle Pet Equipment not only increases the pets HP, ATK,DEF, also owns assorted stunts which will take effect in battle. The higher quality the equipment has, the finer effect it will take.

* The Equipment stunt can be leveled up after the Augment.


How to Get the Pet Equipment

The Battle Pet Equipment will be available in some specials events. 

Besides, players can exchange the battle pet equipment chest with Dragon Crest in Royale Shop.  


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