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New Mounts: Netherwing And Jade Hare Debut

12:14 Jul 27,2017

League of Angels II is happy to introduce two mounts: Jade Hare and Netherwing!


The first new mount has cast its massive shadow over Sapphire! Netherwing is an ancient dragon that dwells in the mysterious Nether. His ethereal body is naturally resistant to attacks while his Nether Flames can scorch the very soul of his enemies. It is said that only a true hero can tame the Great Dragon of the Nether. Are you up to the task?

Netherwing is a Mythic Mount that will provide awesome stat bonuses to your main character (Base bonus: HP+ 9500, ATK+1700, PDEF+900, MDEF+900, AGI+250). What’s more, Netherwing possesses powerful skills that can buff the ATK, DEF and Hit of your entire squad. And when used to Grace a hero, Netherwing provides the ultimate protection against Crit-based enemies.

Let’s check out Netherwing’s skills in detail:

Nether Force: At the start of battle, increase ATK and DEF of the squad by 19.5%and Hit of the squad by 29% for 3 rounds (Max Level).

Shadow Tyrant: At the start of battle, increase own END by 21% and reduce Crit DMG taken by 21% for the remainder of the battle (Max Level).

How to get Netherwing:

From July 28th to July 31st, the first place of X-Server Resource Tycoon will win their own Netherwing while the top 10 players in Tycoon can obtain Netherwing by reaching a set amount of Tycoon points and spending some Topaz.


Another new mount, Jade Hare, is also making its blissful debut! Wearing many Jade ornaments, this adorable little bunny might appear meek, but dont underestimate its power. Its little carrot has Jade Hare always on the move, and it will give its best to fight along your side.


As a Legendary mount, Jade Hare offers great stats (Base bonus: HP+ 3000, ATK+700, PDEF+450, MDEF+450, AGI+100) and its Lunar Bliss buff is great for keeping your squad healthy by restoring their HP each round.

Let’s check out Jade Hare’s skills in detail:  

Lunar Bliss: At the start of the battle, place a healing buff on the squad that restores 8.8% max HP and increases DEF by 19.5% for 2 rounds (Max Level).

Elusive Bunny: At the start of battle, increase Hit and Dodge by 14% for the remainder of the battle (Max Level).

How to get Jade Hare:

Jade Hare will be available from in-game Events. Stay tuned for more related information!


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