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The Most Powerful Artifact Hero Isha Debuts!

18:44 Aug 21,2017

A new Artifact Hero has arrived on Sapphire! Isha is one of the original Angels that was present during the Angels' mass exodus from their own world. Shortly after they arrived on Sapphire, Isha created the elven race in her image. She was critically wounded during the Chaos War, but a surprise turn-of-events has led to her return to Sapphire.
Wielding the Eye of Heaven, the divine relic of the Angels that was used to revive her, Isha has become one of the most powerful Angels on Sapphire. Her skill can build up “Ancient Power” from each use. Once enough stacks of Ancient Power have been stored, Isha will trigger her Ultimate skill without consuming any Rage! But that’s not all, Isha also has the ability to implant a Death Seed in enemies after every attack. Once an enemy receives enough Death Seed stacks, it will erupt to deal high percentage-based damage to them.
Hero Skills

Solaris: Overgrowth : Deal 326%+12150 DMG to the enemy front row with a 90% chance to entangle targets, preventing any actions for 1 turn.

Bloom: Sanguine Rose: Deal 307%+11440 damage to the enemy front row (max level) and gain a stack of "Ancient Power"; when "Ancient Power reaches 3 stacks, Isha immediately spends all stacks to release her Ultimate skill (this does not use up her current Rage); this skill replaces her normal attack.

Verdant: Death Seed: All of Isha's attacks inflict a stack of "Death Seed" on her target; when Death Seed reaches 3 stacks, it immediately erupts to deal 30% of the target's max HP as damage; Death Seed ignores immunities and cannot be dispelled.

Eye of Heaven: Isha is immune to Rage stealing and Rage deducing effects; Each buff can stack up to 5 times and lasts until the end of battle:

- Each time an ally uses their Ultimate skill, Isha gains 5% ATK;
- Each time an enemy uses their Ultimate skill, Isha gains 5% DEF;

Isha has finally returned to lead her children and restore the former glory of the elves! Will you aid Isha in her quest and create a brighter future for Sapphire? Can’t wait to welcome this powerful and unique hero into your squad? Here’s how you can obtain Isha!

Isha will be available in multiple events:

1.From Aug 22nd to Aug 28th, you can collect Eye of Heaven by accumulating Tycoon points or recharging Topaz, and exchange Eye of Heaven for Isha shards on Sept. 1st.

2.From Aug 24th to Aug 27th, join the event Angel Mysteries to know more about Isha and the player that ranks 1st in Angel Mysteries can collect Isha shards (each day).
3. From Aug 21st to Aug 27th, you can collect Isha’s shards by joining the LoA II Gamescom-related events on our FB fanpage.
Play League of Angels II now for your chance to add the Artifact Hero Isha to your squad! Stay tuned for more news and content coming to LoA II!  

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