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Amaze Everyone with the New Suit Autumn Winds

19:15 Oct 18,2017

The brand new clothing Autumn Winds is here to bring some fall colors to your outfit collection! This stylish fashion features wings made of bright maple that signal the coming of autumn. Crafted from the fallen leaves of the ancient divine trees on Sapphire, Autumn Winds combines the might of the winds with the beauty of the changing season. Do not look down on the power of the leaves from Autumn Winds, or you will inevitably taste defeat!

Autumn Winds Outfit is an Artifact suit that includes an Outfit and Wings. Collect 1 part to activate 1 skill, and collect 2 to activate both skills.

Suit Skills:
Acer Strike (Max Level): Deal (383%+14300) DMG to the enemy's front row; any continuous damage effects that the target(s) receive is increased by 60%.
Vermilion Blade (Max Level): Deal (368%+13720) DMG to a column of enemies and Bleed targets for 60% of ATK as DMG each turn for 2 turns; this bleed effect ignores immunities.
Be sure to log in from Oct.19th to Oct.23th to get your own Autumn Winds costume from in-game events. Stay tuned for more great content coming this holiday season!

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