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Thanksgiving is All about Gratitude and Sharing: Claim Your Gifts!

17:09 Nov 21,2017

A grand Thanksgiving Day celebration is just around the corner! Thanksgiving is the perfect time to reflect on the wonderful things around you that you are thankful for. We want to say THANK YOU to our wonderful players for your continued support, feedback, patience and love in the past year. We sincerely appreciate every single one of you!

For this Thanksgiving, we have prepared many wonderful events plus a series of FREE GIFTS just waiting to be claimed. Read on to know more!

Log in to Claim All Free Rewards
Thanksgiving Day is all about sharing! Just log into LoA2 on Nov. 23rd and you can claim tons of free gifts from Events. All related events will only be available on this special day! Do not miss them out!

Special Free Gifts From Isha
Duration: 2017/11/23 12:00:00AM - 2017/11/28 11:59:59PM
Server: All servers
Isha, the Angel of the Elves, is giving away free gifts to all warriors on this Thanksgiving! Different gifts such as Engraving Stone, Mythic Battle Pet Shard Pack, Sapphire Jade, Bless Stone will be given away each day. Log in and head to the Elf Realm to collect all your gifts during this time!

New Event Black Friday Limited Wheel: Big Chance to Earn Rare Items
Along with the warm gatherings of Thanksgiving and the insane shopping sprees of Black Friday, a brand new event called Black Friday Limited Wheel will also be online to bring you extra resources and rare items, like the new mount Moonlight Carriage, Artifact Armaments, Artifact Minion cards, and more. Spin the Wheel for exclusive items from Nov. 24th to Nov. 27th. More details about the Black Friday Limited Wheel will be released on our official website, forum and FB page. Stay tuned!

Gather More Players to Celebrate This Thanksgiving in Game
To have an even more festive Thanksgiving together, we have also prepared awesome rewards for those players that have not logged in for a while. If you find any of your comrades who have not played League of Angels II recently, be sure to invite them back to seize this chance to get all the gifts and continue their epic adventures on Sapphire!

Happy Thanksgiving: Claim Your Gift Code
This is not the end of this Thanksgiving celebration in LoA2. Besides all the gifts mentioned above, another gift code awaits you to get.

Thanksgiving is a great time to express our gratitude to our loved ones. What are you grateful for this Thanksgiving? Your family? Friends? Favorite games? Share with us in the comments below and a Hidden Code will show up at the bottom of this thread. Wish you a very joyful Thanksgiving ahead!

Click here to claim your gifts>>>http://community.gtarcade.com/thread/1297538-1-1.html

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