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New Artifact Hero Eureka Brings High-Tech Power!

15:55 Nov 26,2017

A brand new Artifact Hero is joining the fray to fight in the name of the League of Angels II! Welcome Eureka, the Cosmic! Unlike other heroes, Eureka is from a time far into the future and is equipped with ultra high-tech weapons of incredible power. Eureka studied the history of the Angels and has become especially interested in the Divine Edge. She longs to add this legendary weapon to her personal collection. By a twist of fate, she managed to acquire a component of the Divine Edge called the Might of Valor. With this new found power, she is here to shake up Sapphire!

Eureka is the first Artifact Hero to join the Celestial Faction. Compared with other Artifact Heroes, Eureka focuses on dealing heavy AOE damage to all enemies plus additional damage to 2 more targets when she uses her Ultimate Skill, Star Barrage. She is an amazing DPS hero to add to any squad. Her basic skill and passive skills will not only give your enemies a thrashing, they also help protect your squad from damage and other debuffs. Let’s check out Eureka’s skills below.

Eureka’s Skills
Overdrive: Star Barrage (Max Level)

Deal (288%+10720) DMG to all enemies plus an additional attack on 2 random enemies.

Overdrive: Beam Cutter (Max Level)
1) Eureka's basic attack will hit all front row enemies;
2) Increase DMG of Eureka's basic attack by 237%;
3) Deals an additional 20% DMG against targets under control effects.

Overdrive: Defense Matrix (Unlocks when the Augment achieves 4 level)-Max Level
1) At the start of each turn, Eureka gains a shield equal to 15% of her max HP until the end of the turn;
2) In battle, Eureka increases her END by 15% and reduces damage taken by 15%.
Might of Valor (Prototype) (Unlocks when the Augment achieves 7 level)-Max Level
1) Eureka is immune to Rage stealing and Rage reduction effects;
2) Eureka's basic attack deals additional DMG equal to 5% of the target's HP;
3) Increase ATK of squad members by 30% of Eureka's ATK.

Can’t wait to add Eureka to your squad? Join the X-Server Resource Tycoon from Nov. 28th to Dec. 3rd for a chance to add her to your forces. Stay tuned for more news about upcoming content in League of Angels II!

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