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Might of Valor: Rule the Battlefield with Devastating Power!

14:57 Dec 26,2017

Christmas has just ended, which means the New Year is almost upon us! How will you continue your story and create your legend on Sapphire in the year 2018? Perhaps you will achieve ultimate glory with the new Soul Arm, the Might of Valor! Make your Squad more powerful than ever in 2018 with this mighty blade.

The Might of Valor, one of the main relics of the Angels currently in the possession of Eureka, was endowed with immense power from the Divine Edge. As an Artifact Soul Arm, the Might of Valor provides players with the power to absolutely obliterate their foes and achieve glorious victory in battle.

Soul Arm Skill(Max Level)

Deal 205% ATK DMG to all enemies and reduce their DEF by 8% for the rest of the battle.

Enhancement :
Like all Soul Arms, Might of Valor also has 3 Skill Enhancements and lets players customize their Soul Arm skill for more power and utility.
Raze (R6): Increase Obliterate’s DMG by 250%
Edge (R6): Obliterate now has a 50% chance to Crit (ignores END); increase Obliterate’s Crit DMG by 20%.
Unbound (R6): Increase Obliterate’s DEF reduction on targets to 25% and now also lowers their ATK by 20%.
Want to bring down the Might of Valor to Obliterate your enemies? Collect resources in Tycoon from Dec. 27th to Dec. 31st for a chance to get your own Might of Valor!
More great content in on the horizon, so please stay tuned!

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