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Frostclaw: Tame This Apex Predator in Treasure Grab

16:41 Jan 04,2018

It’s a new year and the elusive king of the frozen wilds - Frostclaw - has finally appeared in League of Angels II. With its ornate armor and smoky-colored spotted coat, Frostclaw is well known for its striking elegance and ferocious agility. Often referred to as the Ghost of the Mountains, this apex predator reigns the icy peaks and is only seen when it wants to be. To tame and ride a Frostclaw has become a sign of power and nobility that all warriors far and wide strive for.

Frostclaw is an Artifact Mount that can greatly debuff the attack and defense of your enemies while also increasing your own stats to overpower your enemies. 

Mount Skills (Max Level):  
Frost King: Reduce ATK and DEF of all enemies by 17.5% for 5 rounds.

Ice Hunter: Increase ATK by 28% and Agility by 14%, and also increase DEF by 28% after performing an action. Buffs last until the end of the turn.

Looking to tame this wild and intractable snow leopard? From Jan. 5th to Jan. 8th, participate in Treasure Grab for a chance to get your own exclusive Frostclaw from events. Good luck!

Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II!

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