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Transmog Artifact Equipment into the Ultimate Valorium Equipment!

17:26 Jan 04,2018

Artifact Equipment have been the pinnacle of weapons and armor for the strongest warriors on Sapphire, but now a new kind of gear called Valorium Equipment is coming with a new function called Transmog! Valorium Equipment will to push the power of equipment to a whole new level.

For now let’s learn more about the new Transmog function.

Requirement: Lvl. 100 and above
Access: Click on the “Equipment” button and locate the new “Transmog” tab.
Description: The Transmog function provides players with a new path to take with their Artifact Equipment, transforming them into Valorium Equipment to gain ultimate power.


1.Artifact equipment that have been Enhanced to level 240, Refined to level 60, Enchanted to 10 stars, and Upgraded to level 12 can be transmogrified into Valorium Equipment.
2.After Transmogrifying, the Artifact Equipment will transform into the new Valorium Equipment with additional levels of cultivation. The new Valorium Equipment can be cultivated just like Artifact ones.
3.After Transmogrifying, the previously cultivated attributes and skills will be kept and become the base attributes of the equipment. Artifact set special effect (Enchant and Upgrade skills) will be kept at the max level.

4.Players must collect specific fragments of Valorium Equipment to Transmogrify their qualified Artifact Equipment.

 *Valorium Equipment*

There are four Valorium Equipment: Valorium Sword, Valorium Armor, Valorium Helm, and Valorium Girdle.

After Transmogrifying, players can continue to Enhance, Refine, Enchant and Upgrade their Valorium Equipment with Gold, Refine Stone, Dragon Soul, Grade Essence, Valorium Equipment fragment, and Valorium Essence. Valorium Equipment is the ultimate equipment on Sapphire at present. Cultivating them will grant you power unobtainable until now.

Note: Valorium Equipment fragment and Valorium Essence can be obtained from special events.

Are you still troubled that there is nothing you can do with your max-level Artifact equipment? With this update, you now have new heights to reach for with Valorium Equipment!
Follow the LoA2 fan page for more information about Valorium Equipment in the near future!

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