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Mini-Client New Update Arrives with Interface Overhaul

15:30 Feb 05,2018

New Update V1.1.4 for GTarcade Mini-Client will be released on Feb. 5th. In this new version, we have completely overhauled the interface and added several noteworthy new features for your Mini-Client, including buttons to hide toolbar, fix your game, quickly hide your game windows and capture screen! Read on to check them out!

Interface overhaul

New version provides a more intuitive toolbar with textual description and a button to hide it for maximized game immersion. New buttons were also introduced, including Quick Fix, Boss Key, Capture and Share.

Quick Fix the game when it’s not working

One of the most highlights for this new version is the new function called Quick Fix with which you will be able to fix the problems you encountered during the game rapidly such as black screen and lag. Quick Fix will surely make you have a better gaming experience.

Hide GTarcade windows quickly with Boss Key

You are the Boss of your own desktop. Tired of those prying eyes when they come near your desk? Now you won’t have to worry about them with Boss Key available in GTarcade Desktop. Just click on the “Boss Key” button on the right top corner of the toolbar to enable it, and then you can use shortcut keys or click on it again to hide your GTarcade windows.

Capture and Share your game moments with friends

You can also capture screenshots in GTarcade desktop now. Save your best moments and revise them later, or share it with your friends on Facebook!

Finally, if you have any problems or suggestions when using the Gtarcade Mini-Client new version, please leave us a comment to our forum and make your voice heard. Your opinion matters to us and we will strive to create the best experience possible for our players.
Download Mini-Client New Version now>>>https://www.gtarcade.com/en/micro/download?game_id=160

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