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League of Angels II Brings You a Romantic Valentine’s Day

10:45 Feb 02,2018

Valentine’s Day, a festival to confess your love, admiration or wishes to a loved one, is just around the corner. League of Angels II is happy to celebrate another Valentine’s Day with all of YOU. New romantic Costume and mount have just arrived to aid you in writing your romantic legend on Sapphire this Valentine’s season.

New Suit Lover's Devotion - Hold the Power of Sweet Love
If you are seeking for a perfect clothing that will make heads turn on Sapphire this Valentine’s Day, Lover's Devotion with its ingenious designs and a romantic touch would be a great choice!
The female Lover's Devotion has a dreamy and romantic quality about it. This white strapless dress decorated with pink bowknots and falling petals and hearts, not only makes you look sweet and sexy, but also reveals sweetness that love brings to us. Also, the bouquet that accompanies this dress this dress taking to you is a striking ornament as well as an ideal disguise of a weapon that can protect you.
The male Lover's Devotion, a tailored suit combining ultra-chic style with romantic elements, accentuates elegance and nobility of the gentleman. When donning the male Lover's Devotion, its wearer is akin to a romantic and devoted knight holding his own sword and always ready to protect his true lover. Do you want to be such a devoted and powerful knight?
Lover’s Devotion Outfit is an Artifact suit that includes an Outfit and Wings. Collect 1 part to activate 1 skill, and collect 2 to activate both skills.

Suit Skills:  
Lovey Dovey (Max Level): Deals (288%+10720) damage to all enemies and an additional 50% damage to the target with the lowest HP. Decreases all enemies’ ATK by 15% for 2 rounds.
Heart Desires (Max Level): Deals (368%+13720) damage to enemies in a vertical column and decreases their DEF and ATK by 25% for 1 round. This effect ignores immunities.

Valentine’s Exclusive Title

When you obtain your own Lover’s Devotion, you will also receive an all new Valentine’s Title - Perfect Lover! put on your Lover’s Devotion and activate your exclusive valentine’s title for immense power and a romantic Valentine’s Day!

Fluttering Hearts Takes You to a Romantic World

In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, a whole new mount - Fluttering Hearts - is here to take you to a world full of romance and love this Valentine’s Day. Compared with the elegance and sophistication of Moonlight Carriage, Fluttering Hearts conveys simple, romantic and perpetual love with its unassuming heart-shaped balloons and rose- decorated wreath, looking casual but exquisite. Take a ride on Fluttering Hearts, take in the Valentine’s sights on Sapphire, and appreciate the sweetness your lover has prepared for you, which is one of the great delights of life, isn’t it?

Fluttering Hearts is an Artifact Mount that is not just for show. It is also a powerful ally that greatly strengthens your entire squad by boosting attack, hit and dodge attributes.

Mount Skills:
Blooming Flower (Max Level): Increases ATK, HIT, and Dodge of the entire squad by 19.5% for 5 rounds.
Exotic Beauty (Max Level): Increases ATK of the entire squad by 16.8% of the caster’s ATK. Increases own DEF by 11.2%.

Can’t wait to write your romantic legend with new Suit- Lover’s Devotion and new mount- Fluttering Hearts this Valentine’s Day? Play League of Angels II during Feb. 10th to Feb. 14th, and join the Single-Server Resource Tycoon and Valentine’s Carnival events for your exclusive valentine’s collections. Wish you all a HAPPY Valentine’s Day!

More wonderful events will be awaiting you in League of Angels II this Valentine’s Day! Stay tuned!

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