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New artifact hero Orb of Deceit is Ready to Fight!

12:00 Apr 14,2018

The new artifact hero, Orb of Deceit – Taraquin, is ready to bring about a bloodbath on Sapphire! She was a skilled mercenary, known as the “Bloody Rain” among employers and other mercenaries for her fast and ruthless moves. However, in her last mission with her lover, they were severely injured and her lover traded his life for hers. This turn of event has transformed Taraquin into a senseless and blood-addicted vampire. It was Pandora, who traced, stopped Taraquin from killing civilians and helped her in restoring her sanity. Now, Taraquin resumes her old trade as a mercenary and travels around the land, with her lover’s Boneblade always in her hand.

Taraquin belongs to Tempest. As a merciless mercenary, she deals much more DMG to enemies who are dying and always harvests their lives. Killing stimulates her and makes her more dangerous. What’s more, she can reduce the natural regen, healing received and life steal of her enemies, and has the ability to protect her allies by increase the DEF of the entire squad.

Secret Art: Frenzy
Deal (492%+18350) DMG to X enemies with the lowest HP, where X equals the absolute difference between the number of units on each side plus 1 (min. 1 target, max 4 targets, each target can only be hit once); also reduces their natural regen, healing received, and life steal by 40% for 3 turns (this effect ignores immunities and cannot be dispelled).
Secret Art: Deathstrike
Deal (414%+15440) DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP and reduce their natural regen, healing received, and life steal by 40% for 3 turns (this effect ignores immunities and cannot be dispelled); if this skill kills the target, restore 200 Rage; this skill replaces the character's basic attack.
Secret Art: Meditation
① Increase Agility by 10%;
② During each turn, if Taraquin attacks before any enemies have performed an action, increase the damage of that attack by 25%;
③ After Taraquin performs an action, increase her Dodge by 20% until the end of the turn.

Orb of Deceit (Prototype)
① Unique Effect "Bulwark": Increase DEF of the entire squad by 30% of Taraquin's DEF (PDEF and MDEF calculated separately);
② Taraquin is immune to Rage-stealing or reducing effects;
③ Increase Taraquin's HP, ATK, and DEF by 10% in battle.

Want to invite Taraquin to your squad? You will find her available in the coming Cross-Server Resource Tycoon from Apr. 16th to Apr. 21st! Stay tuned for more great events of the Birthday Carnival coming to League of Angels II!

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