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New HKT Server coming on Apr 18th and GMT Server on 26th!

11:29 Apr 18,2018

Get ready for upcoming new servers! The S1662th HKT Server - NEO and S1671th GMT Server INACIA for League of Angels II will open on 7:50 AM Apr. 18th 2018 HKT and 7:50 AM Apr 26th GMT. 

New servers will feature innovative combat with endless strategic choices, large variety of game modes and progression paths, and over 60 unique characters. Whether it’s dungeon-crawling, challenging epic Raid Bosses, or competitive PvP, there’s something for everyone! Start your new epic journey now!

P.S.: From 4/8/2018 on, League of Angels II will bring you a US server which observes Eastern Standard Time (EST) every day!!

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