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Mother's Day: Athena's Legend and World Tree Root

16:14 May 07,2016

May 8th is the Mother's Day. In League of Angel Ⅱ, the elegant and caring Angel Athena is also a mother.

Athena is the embodiment of love and protection with a powerful strength under her tender and beautiful appearance. As the king of Midas Kingdom, she lead people who's still loyal to the Empire to rebuild the Kingdom together after the Dark Lord was awakened and the disintegration of the Divine Empire. People followed her because of her unwavering promise to bring the land back to prosperous and peaceful days.

Her daughter Dora, who won the  title of "Angel of Desire". Dora performed an act that had unforeseen repercussions-She sent a singal to the Titans as a way to test her own powers……

As one of the most respected Angel, Athena is responsible for keeping the World Tree Root, which is able to turn the dark power into purified lifeforce.

In LoA2 Mother's Day, Athena shows her mercy by bringing dazzling rewards to players. Collect Roots that drops in Elite Dungeon to redeem various resources, and buy items at a great discount! Plus, the first Double Drop in LoA2 will appear in this event! 

Check out these events in details -> Click Here

May Athena guide you on your epic adventure!

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