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Emerald Dream | Turn your Character into a Healer

15:00 Jul 16,2016

As Mythic Heroes swept over the Sapphire, players were able to raise their B.R. like never before. Now comes another game-changing addition. Introducing the Emerald Dream Set, which grants your character powerful Healing skills! After putting on the Emerald Dream set, your character will turn to be a formidable Healer capable of supporting your Mythic Heroes. The Emerald Dream set will be available in the Charm Rankings event next Monday!



Set Skills:

1. Spirit Recovery (Life Bloom): Restore (ATK*91%+30) HP to entire squad and increase squad's damage reduction by 15%, lasts 2 turns.
2. Regrowth (Restoration): Restore (ATK*97%+30) HP to 2 teammates with the lowest HP and increase their Rage by 100.
Note: Set Skills get stronger as the character’s upgrade level increases.
New Strategies:
Currently, the most popular squads for each Kingdom are as follows:
1. Tempest: Moira, Lucas, A’ishah, Kay
2. Celestial: Rei, Theresa, Thera, Liz
3. Midas: Pamela, Flora, Lydia, Athena

Since a character wearing the Emerald Dream set is able to function as a Healer, how will it affect these popular squad formations? Let’s analyze each squad one by one:

--Tempest: Replace A’ishah with
1. Penn. Penn and Moira are two strong AOE heroes that can take down multiple enemies quickly.
2. Alecta (Augment +9 and higher). Alecta is a good choice for PvP, since she wields powerful single-target damage skills.

With the launch of Mythic Heroes, many Celestial players decided to replace Huxley to make room for Rei. Now these players are able to replace Thera with Huxley. By combining the skills of Liz, Huxley, and Rei, the squad can kill enemies at a fast speed but defend itself.

Since Flora can’t restore HP to the entire squad, the Emerald Dream set is ideal to compensate for this flaw. For Midas, two Healers in the squad can work very well to keep Pamela alive and let her dish out more damage.

The launch of the Emerald Dream set will surely set off a revolution in Sapphire. Participate in the Charm Rankings event on July 18th and July 19th to take home the Emerald Dream set as soon as possible!

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