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League of Angels II - Birth of the Soul Arms

19:45 Sep 13,2016

The hugely popular, free to player browser MMORPG League of Angels II just launched a new update with a ton of exciting content! Last month the game released Battle Pets to great reception from players. Now another addition is coming to your squad: Powerful, living artifact weapons called Soul Arms. Read more about them below, as well as a brand new game mode.
▶Three Exclusive Soul Arms◀

Three legendary Soul Arms will be available at first: Huxley’s Frostrune Pillar, Lucas’ Abyssal Blade, and Lydia’s Dragon Warlance. Players can access the new Soul Arms system starting at level 60.


Soul Arms not only have look amazing, they are actually living weapons containing powerful souls and capable of directly supporting your heroes in battle! Each Soul Arm has a skill it can use in battle to affect its outcome. Players can deploy one Soul Arm to their squad, and it will appear in their formation during combat.


Frostrune Pillar: 【Frost Shock】 A blast of frost deals up to 247% Character's ATK damage to the enemy with the highest attack and lowers its ATK by 15%, lasts 3 rounds.

Abyssal Blade: 【Blade of Ruin】 Summon the Blade of Ruin to deal up to 680% Character's total ATK damage split among all enemy targets, and reduce healing effects on enemies by 25% for 3 rounds.

Dragon Warlance: 【Breath of Life】 Restore HP equal to up to 91% of Character's ATK to the entire squad.
Under the “Battle” tab of the new Soul Arms interface, players can place the unique skills of their Soul Arms to skill slots for battle. As long as you have acquired a Soul Arm and unlocked it’s skill, you can use its skill. More skill slots will be unlocked as the player acquires more Soul Arms. The slotted skills will automatically trigger once per battle, depending on the order they are slotted. For example, a skill in the third slot will trigger at the beginning of the third round of battle. Soul Arms skills can be used even if that Soul Arm is not deployed to the player’s squad.
▶Upgrade Your Soul Arms◀
Players can use the new Soul Crystal items to enchant their Soul Arms to upgrade Stars and Ranks, which will increase their base attributes. These attributes are automatically applied, so players can upgrade multiple Soul Arms and gain all their bonuses.

Soul Crystals and other materials required to activate and upgrade Soul Arms can be earned from the brand new cross-server game mode, Resource War. This new mode combines battles, auto-mode, and guilds into one system. Players should strategically take over a mining area with their guild to gain great bonuses bonuses. Battle other guilds for the best locations, and continuously obtain resources even while offline.

A new chapter in League of Angels II has begun! Experience Soul Arms and Resource War now in League of Angels II, and expect more great content, including other legendary Soul Arms, coming very soon! Play LoA2 now for free and see what millions of players around the world have been raving about!



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