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Victoria | Triumph Horns Usher in the Great Savior

15:00 Sep 24,2016

It's undeniable that Victoria, the Angel of Victory, has overwhelming power, but it's her calmness in battle that makes her even more feared. She has earned her title countless times on the field and her name has been inscribed into the history of man.



When the Angels arrived on Sapphire, they saw the plight of the humans came to their aid,  taking on the fight against the Dragon invasion. During the Chaos Wars, the Angels granted Victoria use of the Divine Edge and the blessed Skylight Shield, turning Victoria into an unstoppable force on the battlefield. Wherever she went, Orcs fled in droves and Dragons fell from the skies. In awe of her greatness, the humans blew Triumph Horns to express their gratitude for the Angel of Victory...


From then on, Victoria’s name was celebrated by the humans and she became known as one of the Three Great Saviors along with Glacia and Mikaela.


Listen! The humans are blowing Triumph Horns again! From Sept. 26th to Sept. 28th, the Triumph Horns will surprisingly drop in Elite Dungeon. Collect them and redeem for great rewards!



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