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The First Mythic Soul Arm of LoA2 is Born!

20:04 Oct 13,2016

When League of Angels II unveiled the new Skill Enhance feature for Soul Arms last month, it was was well received by players. Skill Enhance added more depth and sophistication to the Soul Arms system and empowered Heroes like never before. In this week’s update, the first Mythic Soul Arm, Divine Reaver, will push the system to a whole new level! 


The Divine Reaver is the famous sword of Moira, the Angel of Apocalypse. When Moira unleashes her Ultimate skill, countless Divine Reavers rain down, relentlessly piercing her enemies’ and causing massive destruction. As a standalone Soul Arm, the Divine Reaver can also use this ability while additionally reducing the enemies’ Rage.



Soul Arm Skill:

Rain of Blades (Lv. 1) - Summon copies of Divine Reaver to rain down and deal 84%*Character’s ATK damage to all enemies and reduce their Rage by 50.

Within the Enhance interface, players can customize the Divine Reaver through it’s 3 skill enhancements. Do you want to deal even more damage to obliterate your enemies or increased Rage reduction to limit their attacks? The choice is yours!

On Oct. 14 and Oct. 15, players can pre-purchase Angel’s Fund for a chance to get the Divine Reaver! Additionally, you can also obtain it from the Lucky Tree event from Oct. 16 to Oct. 18. Don’t miss these 2 events for your chance to obtain Moira’s fearsome weapon in League of Angels II!



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