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The Next Mythic Soul Arm: Titan Grip

16:23 Oct 21,2016

When the Divine Reaver, the invincible blade of Moira, showed up in Sapphire last week, it quickly become a powerful addition to many squads. This week, League of Angels II, the free to play browser MMORPG, is bringing you the second Mythic Soul Arm: Titan Grip

Rei is a famed Dhyana Champion and one of the greatest martial arts masters among his people. His Golden Barrier skill gives the squad a powerful shield that can turn the tides of a battle. What most people don’t realize is that the power of Golden Barrier actually comes from the ancient shield of the Titans, Titan Grip!
Titan Grip Skill:

【Titan Soul (Lv. 1) Grant a shield to all squad members that absorbs damage equal to (Character’s ATK*52%) and reduces all damage received by 5% for 1 turn.
Like all Soul Arms, Titan Grip also has 3 Skill Enhancements and lets players customize their Soul Arm skill. Players can choose to upgrade the attack bonus, upgrade the damage reduction bonus, or even add a negative status immunity effect! Whatever your squad lacks, supplement it with the power of Skill enhancements!

Are you itching to own the might of the Titans? Participate in the special Soul Arms event on Oct. 21st and 22nd and claim Titan Grip, the ancient weapon of the great power! Play League of Angels II now for free!

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