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Earn Mounts and Boost BR in League of Angels II with Tycoon!

15:57 Dec 16,2016

The highly popular Tycoon event from League of Angels has come to League of Angels II! Warriors from the same server group will compete in a race to collect game resources! Players who rank among the top can claim the latest items like Christmas Reindeer and R9 Duality Runes. Plus, the final Tycoon champion will win a special item to unlock the 6th Battle Pet Grace slot! Check out this preview of the Tycoon event and get ready for some heated competition!

Event Time: 12:00AM Dec. 17th - 11:59PM Dec. 22nd 


Server Involved: Servers older than 7 days


Access: Click the “Tycoon” icon at the top of the main interface to get started. 

Event Rules:


1. During the event, players will get points when they earn various Resources like Bless Stones, Mastery Stones, Animas, and so on from most normal activities. Players from the same server group will be ranked against each other based on these points. 


2. The rankings include independent Rankings for specific resources as well as Total Rankings (Tycoon Rankings). Independent Rankings will send out daily rewards at 10:00PM, while Total Rankings will send out daily rewards at 2:00PM and 10:00PM based on the total rankings at those times.

3. When the event ends, independent resource Rankings and Total Rankings will be calculated into the Final Rankings, and the winning players will receive final super rewards!


4. Resources gained from the following methods are NOT counted towards Tycoon points: Tycoon, Recycle and Rebirth systems, Chests, Eternal Shop, Domination Shop, Team Domination Shop, X-Server Expedition Shop, Rune Recycle, and non-current mail attachments (older than a day).


5. Resources included this time are: Mastery Stone, Blessing Stone, Anima, Engraving Stone, Enchantment Stone, Bloodstone, Soulstone, Energy Gem, Soul Crystal, Amethyst, and Astral Ingot.


6. Every 1 Resource you get during the event will earn 10 Points.


7. Players who rank among the top in Final Rankings will earn Tycoon Vouchers! With this token of true Tycoon status, you can get all kinds of great rewards from the Tycoon Shop!

Participate in Tycoon and get rewarded for doing the things you do normally! The more you earn in League of Angels II, the more you will get! 




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