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Claim Gifts

1. This event is valid from Dec. 22, 2017 to Jan. 10, 2018.

2. GTarcade accounts with at least 1 character at Lv.50 or above in LOA II can immediately claim the "Live Stream Newbie Gift" from the event page.

3. GTarcade accounts with at least 1 character at Lv.50 or above in LOA II can watch a stream and send a gift to earn the "Live Stream Viewer Gift" from the event page.

4. During the event period, each account can claim each gift for only once.

Live Stream Newbie Gift Live Stream Viewer Gift

How to Watch a Stream

Where can I watch streams?

You can watch live and recorded streams on the GTarcade mini-client.

You can also watch them from the GTarcade LOA II website.

How do I send gifts to a streamer?

If you have gifts available, you can see them on the Live Stream page (see screenshot below).

You can click on your gifts to give them to your favorite streamers when you are watching live or recorded streams.

How do I get gifts?

Recharge Events

Become a Streamer

Gtarcade is launching a new Live Streaming platform!

Now we are recruiting live streamers from all League of Angels II players. Players who are interested in live streaming are all encouraged to give this a shot! We'll choose some players to join us, and provide you with various promotional materials, professional guidance, and great rewards! Apply now, we're looking forward to finding the next Live Stream Superstar!

Become a Streamer

Whose stream can I watch?

s599-hyuna victorjanielchannel luciferia ulothar snorlaxus - s2 rise bolz


If you have any suggestions for the GTarcade live streaming service, please fill out the survey and make your voices heard.

Take the survey

Gift received!

You can view and send your gifts from the live stream page.