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Take a Ride on the New Mount Inugami

16:00 Feb 23,2018

League of Angels II is debuting a new Artifact mount - Inugami, a gorgeous and ferocious winged canine who is effective at maneuvering and can go anywhere he wants rapidly. It is said he is a mythical animal with undying loyalty to his master and the power of exorcism. Only the bravest warriors yearning for mighty power can tame this wild mount. Would you like to have a try?  

Inugami, an Artifact mount, is a powerful and loyal supporter who will withstand damage and increase the combat strength of your entire squad. Learn more about his unique skills below:
Mount Skills     
Extreme Loyalty (Max Level) :
At the start of battle, cast a buff to all squad members which grants 19.5% chance to negate all damage, lasting for 4 rounds. This effects works in conjunction with dodge.
Utmost Devotion (Max Level) :
Gain a shield in battle equal to 11.2% of max HP; this shield effect refreshes each round.

From Feb. 24th to Feb. 26th, play the Treasure Grab or join the hot events to obtain your exclusive Inugami. Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II!

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