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Limited Time Event [Scratch-off Game] Update Announcement

21:16 Apr 09,2024

Dear warriors, the Scratch-off Game is coming! By participating in this Event, You will have the opportunity to Gain Bond Material and many other Special rewards! Are you ready?!

Entrance: Click the "Scratch-off Game" icon on the left side of the game interface.
Event duration: April 10, 2024 -- April 12 2024 (UTC)
Reward claim time: After the event starts -- April 13, 2024 (UTC)
Requirement: Players Lv.≥ 30

Event Rules:
Warriors can gain rewards by scratching the lottery page on the right using scratch tickets, and view the rewards you have received so far in "My Reward".

We have designed three types of prizes in the Scratch-off Game reward pool: Artifact Prize, Mythic Prize, and Rare Prize

The main prizes for this period's Artifact Prize include: Hero Bond Enchant Material, Emerald-Gold Hero Shard, Jadegold Fragment, etc.

Attention:Once the Artifact Prize is drawn, you can get all the remaining rewards for this round, and you can choose your own rewards at specific round! (Select by clicking on the Artifact Prize icon)

We have designed the different Bonus rounds during the event, and in the Bonus round, warriors may get Artifact Prize faster or get more Artifact Prizes!

From the second round onwards, you can select "Single Scratch"in the top left corner of the scratch area to quickly complete the scratch (just click with the mouse).

Recharge Benefits

In Direct Purchase we have provided many valuable package for warriors. Especially, the Gift Pack I (valuable scratch ticket) is not to be missed, welcome to purchase! And don't forget to claim your free scratch ticket daily!

Extra Benefits

In addition, we have prepared many surprise rewards for the warriors in the event.
Warriors can get Scratch Tickets and Bond Stone if you meet certain conditions in Bonus! It's time to test you guys luck!

To celebrate the return of the New/Event Preview, we have provided Redeem Codes for the warriors(The effective time is after the event starts -- April 13, 2024), please redeem in time.

Redeem Code: Scratchoff

Please note that the above content might be adjusted due to changes in the development plan. Final updates will be determined in-game.

More exciting events are coming up! Stay tuned!

[League of Angels II] Operations Team

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