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Panda is Back! | Group Deal

15:12 May 13,2016

Panda is back!

From this Friday to Sunday, League of Angels Ⅱ is holding a unique sale called Group Deal! Check out this guide below to figure out the most cost-effective plan:

♬Group Deal

Event Time: 2016-05-13 00:00:00 - 2016-05-15 23:59:59

Server Involved: Servers older than 2 weeks

Access: Click on “Group Deal” icon on the top of the screen


* The number of purchases is counted for all players of all servers.

♪ Discount

    The more players buy, the greater the discounts will be. Prices are retroactive, if they go down, the difference from what you initially paid will be returned to you immediately by in-game mails! *If you pay with Topaz, you will receive Topaz accordingly.

    E.g. A player buys 10 Bless Stones in Group Deal with 80 diamonds (80% discount). When the total number of players who buy 10 Bless Stones increases to 300, the price will go down to 75 diamonds (75% discount), and the 5 Diamonds difference will be sent to the player immediately.

♪ Voucher

    Every 10% of Diamonds that you spend will be transferred to vouchers. Vouchers can cover 10% or 20% of diamonds for your next purchase!

    E.g. A player spends 240 diamonds to buy 1 Ritual Token, accordingly he gets 24 vouchers (10%). Then if the player wants to buy Legendary Eqmt Shard Chest at the price of 88 diamonds (50% discount), he is able to use 8 vouchers to cover 8 diamonds, and spend extra 80 diamonds to claim it. 

    Attention: Voucher will expire after the event ends.

♪ Credit

    10% of the amount of diamonds that you spend will be converted to credits. Everytime when your total credits reach a certain number, you can claim corresponding rewards.

    E.g. If a player spends 1000 diamonds, he will get 100 credits.

Credit Rewards:

100 Credits - Gold*300,000
250 Credits - Stamina*60, Refresh Token*20
500 Credits - Lv.6 Rune Pack
1000 Credits - Legendary Eqmt Shard Pack*1, Ritual Token*2
2500 Credits - Bless Stone*150, Mastery Stone*150
5000 Credits - Lv.6 Rune Pack*1, Legendary Eqmt Shard Pack*1, Mastery Stone*200

Attention: Credits will expire after the event ends. Players will get one more day to claim the rewards.

♪ Items on Sale

1. Common Resources (Bless Stone, Mastery Stone, Gold, Soul, etc)
2. Panda Seal Shards
3. Lv.6 Rune Chest (Can choose 1 Rune you like)

4. Legendary Eqmt Shard Chest

Tell us your tactics for Group Deal in our community -> http://bit.ly/24UOMRg 

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