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Beauty Contest: Turn Your Beloved Angels Into Cheerleaders

10:28 Jul 06,2016

Despite the time difference, fans all over the world are tuning into the UEFA EURO 2016 and cheering for their favorite teams, including the Angels of LoA2! As the Semi-Finals and Finals are approaching, the Angels also want to join in on this celebration with LoA2 fans. They will bring you Gold Footballs and Silver Footballs as their gifts. The most exciting part is four Angels will put on the team uniforms of the top 4 teams, and YOU will choose which Angels! Send roses to your beloved Angels and they will become cheerleaders for the Euro cup!

   Involved Server: Servers have been opened more than 15 days  

   Event Time: 2016-7-8 (5:00AM) - 2016-7-11 (5:00AM)


♫ The Most Favorite Angel ♫


You can send roses to vote for your favorite Angel. The Angels will appreciate your roses and give you a gift chest in return, which may contain items such as Gold Football, Silver Football, Outfit Essence, Mythic Hero Shard Pack, Anima, etc. Each vote will earn 10 Credits, and you can redeem great rewards when your credits reach certain amounts.



How to get Roses
1. In-game Events

2. In Elite Dungeon

3. Purchase in Beauty Contest Panel


Credit Rewards

Players can redeem items with their Credits. Every 10 Roses sent will earn 10 Credits.

Items Available in Credit Rankings
1. Common resources: Gold, Bless Stone, R6 - R7 Runes, Anima, Refresh Token.
2. Gold Football & Silver Football, tokens used to exchange for various items and resources during this event.
3. Outfit Essence, material required to combine and refine Outfit Jewelry and Outfit Pendants. Crafted Accessories can be Refined for better stats.


♫ Gold Football & Silver Football




Gather enough Gold Footballs and Silver Footballs to exchange for various items and resources. Many surprises await you in Hot events! 


Where to get Gold Football & Silver Football

1. Redeem Gold Football & Silver Football by opening Angel's Benison Chest.
2. Claim Gold Football & Silver Football in Credit Rewards for Beauty Contest.
3. From in-game events

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