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League of Angels II Mythic Fox the Ambassador of Love

11:59 Feb 09,2017

Valentine’s Day is rapidly approaching! As love fills the air, League of Angel II has been busy preparing its grand Valentine’s Day Party. A mysterious and adorable new guest has just arrived on Sapphire! She has traveled all over the world and legend says wherever she goes, love is sure to blossom. Known as Mystic Fox, this cute flying red fox has come to bring warriors a bit of romance in their lives. Can anyone resist those charming eyes?

Image 1 New Battle Pet Mystic Fox

Mystic Fox is a Mythic grade Battle Pet that offers great damage and healing for your squad. Let’s check out her unique skills.

Pet Skills:

Eternal Love: Heal 3 allies with the lowest HP percentage for (ATK*66%+20) HP, and reduce their damage taken by 10% for 2 rounds.

Image2: League of Angels II Battle Pet Mystic Fox Skill

Velvet Lines: Deal (311%+110) DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP percentage and 50% splash damage to nearby targets.

Image3 League of Angels II Battle Pet Mystic Fox Skill

Are you eager to get your very own Mystic Fox? Participate in Hot Events on Feb. 10th to collect Mythic Fox shards and summon this ambassador of love! Stay tuned for more surprises in the League of Angels II Valentine’s Day party taking place from Feb. 14 to Feb. 18.

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