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New Mount Vermilion Hawk Debuts

12:07 Feb 15,2017

League of Angels II is debuting a brand new mount - Vermilion Hawk. This mythical bird is said to be the god of the South in ancient mythology. Because of its bird-like appearance and vermilion colored plumes, it is often confused as a Phoenix. But in reality, the Vermilion Hawk is even more rare and distinguished than the Phoenix, and also far more destructive. Vermilion Hawk has a clear stand on love and hate. It could sacrifice for love, or rain destruction on its hated enemies.

Vermilion Hawk is a Mythic grade Mount that can curse your enemies while providing a powerful buff for your heroes! Let’s check out its unique skills: 

Mount Skills

Vermilion Curse (Lvl.1): Reduce ATK and DEF of all enemies by 8% for 3 rounds.
Vermilion Pact (Lvl.1): Increase hero's ATK, AGI, and Dodge by 5.6% at the cost of reducing their DEF by 5.6%. 

With its elegant appearance and powerful skills, will Vermilion Hawk be the perfect mount for you? This bird of legend will be available in the Cross-Server Tycoon event taking place from Feb. 14th to Feb. 19th. The perfect Valentine’s mount to ride during this romantic season is waiting for you, don’t miss out!

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