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Great Treasures Await the Most Daring Vault Hunters

16:33 Mar 30,2017

League of Angels II newest update introduces a brand new multiplayer adventure: Vault Hunter! Four mysterious maps will guide warriors to secret treasure vaults hidden all over Sapphire. Take a look and learn more about the Vault Hunter below.

【Find Mystic Maps and Explore Hidden Vaults】
Vault Hunter is unlocked at level 45. This new mode is open daily from 6:00AM to 10:00PM. During this time, players can go Vault hunting, plunder other players while they are hunting, and assist friends in their hunts. Players can choose to hunt alone or form a team with friends (including x-server). Each Vault hunt takes 10 minutes. Players can leave the page after their hunt starts. Once the hunting party has returned with the treasures they uncovered, rewards will be sent to players via system mail.

Four grades of Treasure Vault Maps will offer different bonuses, up to 4 times of the base rewards. Before Vault hunting players can search for a Map. If players are not satisfied with the grade of their Map, they can spend Diamonds to search 1 more time with a chance to get a higher grade Map (grade will not decrease). 

After confirming the Map, players select a Mount to retrieve the treasure from the vault. Mounts will provide a treasure bonus. The better the mount is, the higher the earnings are. Plus, hunting in a team will earn even more.

【Win Great Resources by Hunting, Plundering, and Assisting】


There are various ways to get resources in Vault Hunter, namely hunting, plundering others, and assisting friends. Each day, players can hunt two times, assist two times, and plunder five times. When a hunt is ended, the rewards will be sent via system mail. Every afternoon from 1:00PM-2:00PM and every evening from 7:00PM-8:00PM, Vault hunt earnings will get an additional bonus of 20%!

More info about new feature Vault Hunter will be released in-game. Stay tuned! 

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