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Announcement on the Bug in Tycoon on Mar. 30th

22:36 Mar 30,2017

Dear players, after the update, there was a bug in the Tycoon event where some players could claim all rewards twice, while some players could not claim any rewards.


We decided not to take the extra rewards back, and send double rewards to players who haven't been able to claim it on the Rankings later. The rewards will be based on your ranking in this tycoon.


This means every player who allready claimed twice won't get them again and players who haven't claimed anything or just once will receive 1x or 2x rewards respectively through mail later.


Also all players will be getting a extra compensation for our mistake. Please check the Events panel later. 


Please be aware that we will update the game again in 30 minutes which may cause some downtime.


We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused, thank you for your patience!



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