Tame Leviatos, the First Artifact Battle Pet!

09:00 May 07,2017

A powerful sea creature from the abyss has just emerged on Sapphire! Leviatos lives in the deep sea, where it uses its deadly poison to hunt even the largest prey. Feared as the creature with the most deadly poison in all of Sapphire, this fast moving battle pet has the power to kill enemies instantly! Do you smell the scent of danger? Will Leviatos become your best companion or worst enemy?


Image 1 League of Angels II New Artifact Battle Pet Leviatos

Leviatos is the first Artifact grade Battle Pet with a unique attack that by-passes the enemy’s DEF and DR while also not providing Rage, since it directly takes away max HP. In addition, this pet will not require shards when augmenting. When Leviatos is augmented to 4 stars, it will require a new material Pet Essence as well as Bloodstone. The Pet Essence can be gained from Event. This is one pet you surely don’t want to miss! Let’s check out its unique skills. 

▶Pet Skills

Abyssal Poison (Lv.1): Poison all enemies, causing then to lose 2.2% of their max HP each round for 2 rounds; if target’s HP is above 60%, they lose 6.6% max HP instead.

Image2: League of Angels II Battle Pet Leviatos Skill

Breath of the Dead (Lv.1): Deal (292%+100) DMG to the enemy with the lowest HP; if target has less than 35% HP before the attack, there is a 33% chance to kill them instantly; this skill cannot miss. 

Image3 League of Angels II Battle Pet Leviatos Skill

Are you brave enough to tame this fearsome and deadly Battle Pet? Leviatos will show up in Cross-server Resource Tycoon event from May.9th to May.14th! Seize the chance to be the first one to deploy the first Artifact Battle Pet!

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