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New Mythic Hero Valkyrie Comes to Empower Your Squad!

18:36 Apr 28,2017

League of Angles II welcomes a new mythic hero - Valkyrie! It is said that Valkyrie’s arrival will enrich warriors’ squad formation strategy. As the fifth mythic hero arrived on Sapphire, what special capacity does she have? Come find out more about the new hero Valkyrie! 

Image 1: Mythic Hero Valkyrie

Valkyrie is a mythic hero from Celestial Kingdom. As a female hero, she’s known for her bravery. She always rides her mount which can both walk and fly to battlefield. It is said that she has never failed in any battles. It is the same as Isolde, once players acquire Valkyrie, they will not need more copies of this hero to augment her! Let’s see what unique skills she has.  

Hero Skill:

Provocation (Lv.1): Deal (170%+60) DMG to all enemies; deal additional DMG equal to 15% of Valkyrie's missing HP.

Patron Saint (Lv.1): Deal (245%+80) DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK; also Taunts the target, causing it to deal 20% less damage to any target other than Valkyrie for 2 round; Taunt effect ignores immunity and cannot be dispelled; this skill triggers in the first round.

Chant of Haste (Lv.1): Increase own HP and DEF in battle by 15%; if Valkyrie loses more than 35% of her max HP in a single round, the cooldown of " Patron Saint" skill is cleared.

Victory Hymn (Lv.1): When Valkyrie is under a control effect, reduce damage taken by 45%.

Please note that Valkyrie will be available in next week’s update, therefore the stats of her skills maybe slightly adjusted. The final detailed stats of her skills should be subject to in-game version.

Valkyrie’s Ring will show up on Sapphire on Apr.30th! It is the coupon which can be used to recruit Valkyrie at discounted price. Players with this coupon can summon her at 25% off! If you like this new mythic hero, don’t miss the event! Play League of Angels II today and discover one of the best free to play MMORPG’s right on your browser!

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