New Mythic Mount Celestial Dolphin Debuts!

17:39 May 18,2017

League of Angels II welcomes a brand new mount - Celestial Dolphin. This mystical creature is an adorable pink dolphin that has dwelled in the ocean for thousands of years. Known as the Guardian of the Sea, Celestial Dolphin fiercely protects his home against any who try to harm the ocean or its marine inhabitants. Will you take his side and protect the oceans together?

Celestial Dolphin is a Mythic grade Mount that can create a shield in battle and increase damage, Hit, and END of all allies! Let’s check out its unique skills: 

Mount Skills

Water Shield (Lvl.1): Gain a shield in battle equal to 1.68% of max HP; this shield effect refreshes each round.

Ocean's Hymn (Lvl.1): Increase DMG, HIT, and END of all allies by 10% for 3 rounds.

With its elegant appearance and powerful skills, Celestial Dolphin is a special mount that you won’t want to miss. This brand new mount will be available in game from May. 19th to May. 21st. You can gather Seashells, Coral Fragments, and Azure Fantasy to exchange for Celestial Dolphin and many other resources. Come ride the waves with Celestial Dolphin!

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