Equipment Upgrade! Artifact Equipment Released

18:58 May 18,2017

League of Angels II has just introduced new Artifact equipment to the game! Artifact equipment are not only comprehensive upgrades from Mythic ones in major attributes, but they also provide exclusive and powerful skills. Preview the new Artifact equipment system below.

Grade Upgrade System Unlocked
Brand new Equipment Grade System: Both Mythic equipment set and Artifact equipment set now have Grade levels that can be upraded. Use Grade Essence to increase the Grade EXP. When the Grade EXP reaches the required amount, the equipment Grade level will increase. Grade upgrade can increase equipment attributes. For Artifact equipment, Grade can strengthen its skill effect. 

Upgrade Mythic Equipment into Artifact

1. The first two Artifact equipment available are Dragon Blade and Dragon Skull, which is forged from Mythic equipment (must be at 6 stars) with Dragon Blade Remnant and Dragon Skill Remnant.
2. What do Artifact Equipment offer? 
After Mythic equipment are Ascended to Artifact, all their basic attributes will be improved greatly and new skills will unlock. Dragon Blade will obtain a new skill “Puncture”. When Puncture triggers, the attack will ignore part of the enemy’s DEF. The skill effect improves as Grade increases. 

3. How do I ascend equipment to Artifact? Will the previous upgraded stats be retained?

After Ascension, Artifact equipment will:

Unlock a new skill; 

Retain all Grade level upgrades;
Recalculate Enhance and Refine level according to actual cost; 
Reset Stars to 0, retain 50% of Enchant attributes, and retain all Star Blessing attributes.

Artifact Equipment Enhance and Enchant: Required upgrade materials will not change.
Artifact Equipment Enchant: Artifact equipment can be enchanted up to 10 stars. At 1~5 stars, Mythic equipment shards or Dragon Souls can be used to enchant the equipment; at 6~10 stars, only Dragon Souls can be used to enchant the equipment. When the Grade EXP bar is full, the corresponding Remnant can be used to reach the next Star. Enchanting Artifact equipment can increase the chance to trigger the ultimate skill. 

Grade Upgrade: warriors can use Grade Essence to increase the Grade of Artifact equipment. Grade Essence can be exchanged in the Abyss shop. Dragon Blade Remnants, Dragon Skull Remnants and Grade Essence will be available in-game soon. Stay tuned for more Artifact Equipment information.

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