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Dress up New Fashion and Harness the Power of Paradise

19:36 Jun 02,2017

To start this summer season, League of Angels II is happy to introduce a new suit: Paradise Land! Straight from the master blacksmiths of Paradise, this gorgeous new legionnaire-inspired suit includes a galea helm, gladiator shoulders, shield, and wings. This golden set is adorned with intricate designs and a must-have for those who want to stand out. Participate in the new June events to earn your own Paradise Land suit!

Image1: New Suit Paradise Land Outfit

Paradise Land Outfit is a mythic grade suit that includes an Outfit and Wings. Collect 1 part to activate 1 skill, and collect 2 to activate both skills.

Suit Skills (Lvl. 1)

Paradise Storm: Deal (234%+80) DMG to the enemy's front row and reduce their Rage generation by 99% for 2 rounds; this effect ignores immunities.

  Image2: New Suit Paradise Land Outfit Skill

Paradise Shield: Cast a (ATK*167%+60) HP shield on self that lasts 2 rounds, and dispelling negative effects; this skill cannot be used if you are already under a control effect such as stun.

Image3: New Suit Paradise Land Outfit Skill

From June 3rd to June 5th, players can try on the gorgeous Paradise Land Clothing by reaching a total of 180 Daily Quest Points, and try on the Paradise Land Wings by Recharging on any day during the event. For permanent possess of this suit, you can check out Charm Rankings. Also a mysterious guest will be arriving on Sapphire with many rich gifts such as Adv. Runes! Don’t forget to visit her on June 3rd!

We hope players will enjoy these special events to start off the summer. Look for more great content coming to League of Angels II!

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