The First Artifact Soul Arm Herald Of Winter Unveiled

17:20 Jun 05,2017

League of Angels II’s new update has introduced the first ever Artifact Soul Arm: Herald of Winter. Many warriors have used Mythic Soul Arms to unlock the true potential of their teams. What possibilities will this Artifact Soul Arm unlock for you? Learn more about the Herald of Winter below.


Surrounded by a cold, mystic aura, Herald of Winter is an ancient staff adorned with the Eye of Winter. This jewel of power is said to have been crafted by the Frost Giant king himself, and imbues the Herald of Winter with the full fury of the unrelenting north.

【Herald of Winter Skill】

Winterfall (Lvl.1): Deal 480% DMG split between all enemies; reduce enemies' Rage generation by 10% for 1 round; reduce enemies' END by 2% for 1 round.

As the first Artifact Soul Arm, Herald of Winter is able to deal heavy damage against all enemies with its skill, Winterfall. Moreover, this Artifact Soul Arm can inflict powerful debuffs on enemies. Players can further strengthen their Herald of Winter through Enhancing. There are three kinds of skill enhancements: Deep Chill, Frostbite, and Cold Embrace. Each skill can be enhanced to from R0 to R6.
So what should you enhance first? That depends on your strategy. Frostbite and Cold Embrace skill can be enhanced if you need their new effects, while Deep Chill is great if you just want a big increase in damage. On the whole, as an Artifact Soul Arm which can both deal great damage and inflict strong debuffs, any choice is a big boost to your team.

Herald of Winter will be available in game Events from June 6th to June 7th. Follow the League of Angels II official website and Facebook fanpage to get more of the latest news about LoA2.

Are you itching to unleash the true power of the first Artifact Soul Arm? Join millions of players around the world and play League of Angels II now for free!

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