New Mount Debuts: Take A Ride On The Wild Side

19:08 Jun 16,2017

League of Angels II is debuting a brand new mount – Wild Tusk! As one of the of the fiercest animals in the wild, this battle boar is definitely not something your enemies want to run into! Wild Tusk is highly skilled at protecting himself and his allies, while getting ready to charge his enemies for a painful surprise!

Wild Tusk is a Mythic grade Mount that can boost the damage reduction of your heroes at the start of the battle, then switch to an attack buff in later rounds to help you finish off your enemies! It’s other skill greatly enhances the survival of your squad by buffing DR, DEF and END of all allies as well! Let’s look at Wild Tusk’s skills in detail:
Mount Skills:

Boar Hide (Lvl.1): Increase DR, DEF, and END of entire squad by 10% for 3 rounds.
Charged Fury (Lvl.1): For the first 3 rounds of a battle, increase DR by 7%; when this effect ends, increase ATK by 7% for the next 3 rounds.

Are you looking forward to adding this unstoppable beast to your collection? This brand new mount will be available in-game from June 17th to June 19th. You can gather Bull's Eye, Rainbow Gems and Eternal Snow to exchange for Wild Tusk and many other resources. This is your chance to take a ride on the wild side!

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