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Grand Tournament: Glory and Riches Await You

18:38 Jun 14,2017

A new cross-server event – Grand Tournament – is coming in Update 2.29 for League of Angels II, the highly popular free to play MMORPG. Players can slaughter monsters and then compete with rival players for tons of rewards and the ultimate bragging rights. Here we give a preview of this new PVE/PVP hybrid competition.

Do you want to be the crowned the grand champion in a thrilling tournament that combines PVE and PVP to test your abilities to the fullest? Then read more about the Grand Tournament below!

Requirement: Lvl. 75 and above
Entry: Find it in X-server in Features.

Challenge Phase (PVE)

In the Challenge Phase, players have over 10 days to challenge a variety of PvE chapters, each with multiple paths leading to a Chapter Boss. Players earn rewards for clearing each chapter and will be ranked based on their progress.

For each server, when the total number of players on the server that has cleared a certain chapter reaches 10, 20 and 50, all players on the server will receive rewards. Rally your friends to join and fight for the common goal of more loot!

Some monsters in Challenge mode will be randomly replaced with the hero squads of online players of appropriate BR. The bosses in later chapters can also debuff your squad with various effects, which really ramps up the difficulty. Luckily you can also unlock helpful buffs by making full use of Talent Tree system in the Challenge Phase.

Arena and Elimination Phase (PVP)
The highest ranked players from the Challenge phase will qualify for the PVP portion of the Grand Tournament. In Arena mode, players are put into divisions according to their performance in the PVE phase. Players then challenge others in their division and battle for points much like the Arena, while earning rank rewards. The top 16 players in each division will move to the Elimination stage, where they will battle until the last player in each division is crowned the Champion of that division!

The final champions in each division will not only gain special titles, but also have the privilege to purchase highly discounted items in the shop.

Talent Tree
As mentioned earlier, the Talent Tree is one of the keys to beating Challenge Phase. Players can use new Grand Crest tokens they earn to unlock and upgrade various talents to increase their power and reduce stage difficulty.
Note: Talents are only effective during the Challenge Phase.

The first round of Grand Tournament will start on June 16th! Now go and prepare for this ultimate test of power and will! Stay tuned for more great content coming to League of Angels II!

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