Server Merge and X-server Group Merge Announcement on Sept. 12th!

10:23 Sep 07,2017

Dear players,

In order to improve the experience of players on certain servers, there will be server merge in the selected servers and X-server Group merge for present GMT, EST, PST x-server groups planned on Sept. 12th (server time). Several present x-server groups of the same time zone will be merged into a larger one, which will help players easily complete x-server teamwork tasks and meet more friends in x-server channel. While the X-server group merge, the servers will be down shortly , and the server merge may take a little bit longer than the X-server group merge, which is expected to last for 4 hours. During this maintenance period, login and Recharge function on these servers will be closed in advance. Please note that the times may be adjusted slightly if unforeseen circumstances arise. We will update you on the progress through our official Forum and Facebook fanpage.

The servers which will be merged on Sept. 12th, 2:00 P.M. to 6:00 P.M. (HKT) are as follows:

The servers which will be merged on Sept. 12th, 07:00 A.M. to 11:00 A.M. (GMT) are as follows:  

The servers which will be merged on Sept. 12th, 02:00 AM to 06:00 AM (EST) are as follows:

The servers which will be merged on Sept. 11th, 11:00 PM to Sept. 12th 03:00 AM(PST) are as follows:

Note: Main server after the merge refers to the server with the smallest server number after the merge.

Please check below for rules and tips of the server merge.

Q1: What is a server merge?
A:  A Server merge combines all server data of two or more servers into one server. In brief, players from multiple different servers will placed together into one server.

Q2: How do I log in game after the merge? Is the Recharge system still the same? 
A: After the merge, you can still enter your character exactly like before the merge. For example, if you are from S1 before your server has been merged with S2, you can still login to the game through S1, and you will automatically enter into the merged server. 
The Recharge system is almost the same, with just one additional step: Choose the correct character to Recharge on.

Q3: My friend has an account, but he/she has not played for a long time, will his/her characters be deleted?

A: Rules for deleting characters are as follows: 
1) Character below level 5 and the player has never Recharged on that character;
2) Character has not been logged in for 180 days and is below level 40, and the player has never Recharged on that character;
Characters that meet ALL the conditions for one of the above will be deleted during the merge.
*Any character that has Recharged will not be deleted

Q4: What about my characters and guild, will they still exist after the server merge? 
A: Yes, absolutely! All player and guild information will be transferred to the merged server (rankings not included). 

Q5: Will rankings be reset after server merge? 
A: Yes, all rankings will be reset after the merge. 

Q6: Why has my character name changed after the merge?

A: When there are multiple characters with the same name, all but one of the characters will be given a prefix (e.g.: S3.Marina), and is determined by the order of the server number. You can choose to change your name by clicking the Rename button. Please note that you can only rename once.

Q7: What if the name of my guild has the same name with another after the server merge? 

A: The rules are the same with player names. All but one guild with the same name will be given a prefix (e.g.: S1.Legendary). The leader can change the guild name by clicking the Rename button in the Guild panel.

Q8: Why are my things in the Auction House no longer listed? 
A: All goods still listed in the Auction House before the merger will be returned to you through the system mail. Please don't forget to claim them.

Q9: I didn't collect my ranking rewards before the merge. Will I still get them?

A: Yes. Uncollected rewards obtained from rankings will be sent to the player via mail after the merge. Please keep an eye on your mail.  

Q10: What should I do if I encounter problems with my character after the merge? 
A: Please report your issue to our support center and we will help you ASAP.

Q11: How can I log into my characters if I have characters on two servers which are emerged together? 

A: You can log in your characters through the original login method for each.
For example, suppose S1 merges with S2 and you have a character on each. When you login to S1, your character will be whichever character you had before on S1, and the same for when you login into S2. Please note that the two characters can't be online at the same time. 

Q12: Why is my ranking in Arena is 1,000+ after the merge?

A: All rankings will be reset after the merge. 

Q13: Will Domination be reset and how can I take part in this event after the merge?

A: Yes, Domination will be reset after server merge. You can work on increasing your Arena ranking to get prepared for next round of Domination. Please note that the Diamonds you used on betting will be returned to you via in-game mail.

Q14: What is X-server Group merge?
A: X-server Group is divided according to the time zone and the opening time of servers. There are many X-server groups, but players cannot see them. After the X-server merge, players will meet more players from other servers in x-server feature and channel. 

Server Merge Carnival

A super exciting Server Merge Carnival will be available in game instead of compensation event. Come and take a look at it!

Log-in Bonus

Character creation time and main server opening time apart 1~7 days Enhancement Stone x300, Bless Stone x300, Luxury Mythic Hero Shard Pack x2, Giant Eternal Chest x1
Character creation time and main server opening time apart 8~14 days
Stamina x480,Enhancement Stone x500, Bless Stone x500, Luxury Mythic Hero Shard Pack x2, Giant Eternal Chest x1
Character creation time and main server opening time apart more than 15 days
Stamina x720, Enhancement Stone x700, Bless Stone x700, Luxury Mythic Hero Shard Pack x2, Giant Eternal Chest x1 
Log in Day 1
Stamina x60, Raid Card x20
Log in Day 2
Ritual Token x1, Bless Stone x50
Log in Day 3
Stamina x120, Anima's Path Challenge Token x30
Log in Day 4
Ritual Token x1, Energy Gem x120
Log in Day 5
Stamina x180, Power Essence x50
Log in Day 6
Ritual Token x1, Sunstone x5
Log in Day 7
Stamina x240, Luxury Mythic Hero Shard Pack x2

Double Drop Rates Every Day

Day 1, Day 3, Day 5, Day 7, double drop for elite dungeon

Day 2, Day 4, Day 6, double drop in Hero Trial.

Day 2, Day 4, Day 6, double drop for abyss dungeon.

Recharge Bonus

Players will receive many more resources and items by recharging during the first 7 days after server merge. 

More special events will come soon. So please don't forget to log in game to check them out! 

Please note the above information may be adjusted due to the development plan. The exact time and information about the server merge will be determined in game. We sincerely apologize for the inconveniences this may have caused. Thanks again for your understanding, and we hope to see you in game!

The League of Angels II Team

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