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New Pet Grove Warden: the Ancient Ent from Nature

14:49 Sep 05,2017

It’s time to welcome the new Artifact Battle Pet Grove Warden to Sapphire! Grove Warden was once the ancient guardian of the elven forests and had faithfully protected his home for centuries. But when Isha, the Angel of the Elves, was gravely injured in a battle with the Dragon King, both Isha and Grove Warden were put into a stasis to preserve their life force. When Isha was awoken, she used her magic to revive Grove Warden to defend the elves once more.

Grove Warden is a mighty Artifact Battle Pet that focuses on crushing the backline of your enemies while applying various debuffs. Let’s check out his skills in detail.
Lumbering Swing (Max Level): Deal 383% + 14300 DMG to the enemy back row and reduce healing effects by 75%; if this skill crits, target is also stunned for 1 round.

Avalanche (Max Level): Deal 307% +11440 DMG to the enemy back row and reduce their DEF and Agility by 30% (this effect ignores immunities).

How can you get your hands on the Grove Warden? From Sept 6th to Sept 11th, Grove Warden will be available during the Single Server Resource Tycoon event. Accumulate specific Tycoon points and earn Grove Warden in Events!

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