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New Functions: Angel’s Favor & Minion Card Stacking

17:04 Oct 25,2017

A brand new feature called Angel's Favor is being added in Update 3.09 of League of Angels II! Angel’s Favor is a system where players can obtain rare items like Wheel of Fate, Isolde shards, R8/R7 Duality Rune Packs, and more, as well as useful resources like Bloodstones, Soulstones, and Mastery Stones.

Angel’s Favor includes a Progress EXP bar through which players can earn Angel's Feather and Angel's Tears by completing various tasks. Angel's Feather and Angel's Tears can be used to exchange for all kinds of valuable resources. Players can earn more Progress EXP by logging in daily and through Recharge activities. Additionally, EXP can also be obtained based on your VIP level. The more of the Progress bar you fill, the more Angel's Feathers and Angel's Tears you will earn!

PS: Players can also collect some Angel’ Feathers on the Angel’s Favor panel if they login for specific days.

Please note that there will be a reset in Angel’s Favor monthly, which means the Progress EXP will be reset monthly. However, Angel's Feathers and Angel's Tears will not and remain in your inventory. Therefore, use them wisely! Moreover, players will receive a level reward based on players’ monthly EXP level. This reward will show up on the Angel’s Favor panel at the beginning of each month.

[New Function: Minion Card Stacking]
Besides the new Angel’s Favor, this version also introduces a new way to boost your Battle Rating called Minion Card Stacking. Players will find a bar on each minion card in the card set. The same Minion card can be stacked several times (Artifact Minion card can be stacked 10 times, Mythic card 8 times, Legendary card 5 times, and Rare/Epic 2 times). Each stack will increase attributes by 10% and high stacks will greatly affect your BR! If players have multiples of the same minion cards, just click on the “+” button to get more bonus attributes!

Play League of Angels II now and experience all the newly added features! Stay tuned to the official website and FB page for more news about upcoming content for LoA2.

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