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Let’s Embrace the Crazy Halloween Party!

17:28 Oct 26,2017

Halloween is just around the corner! What have you prepared for this special festival? League of Angels II has prepared some splendid events and interesting content for you to have a happy Halloween holiday. Let’s embrace the crazy Halloween party in League of Angels II now!

*Halloween-Themed Pumpkin Decorations*
To put you in the Halloween spirit, we have added some Halloween-themed pumpkin decorations to League of Angels II game interface. Have you noticed that? Hope you all like it!
*Halloween Title Grants You Stunning Power*

A new Halloween title will be available in LoA2! Besides its cool visual effects filled with holiday spirits, it offers immense power as well. Compared with other titles, Halloween title will greatly boost your power which increases each of your title bonus by 25%!! Additionally, you can use this title with another title at the same time.


From Oct.31st to Nov.5th, collect as more candies as you can to earn your own Halloween title in-game Events!

*Halloween Carnival: Trick or Treat!*

League of Angels II Halloween carnival is ready to bring you tons of rewards during Oct.31st to Nov.7th! Let’s go Trick-or-Treat! Who will reap the most candies and get a Halloween suit Masquerade for Crazy party?

*Dress up Masquerade for LoA2 Halloween Party!*
Masquerade combines classic vampire clothing style with Halloween elements that will send chills down your spine! LoA2 Halloween party is almost here! If you haven’t decided on what to wear for the party, how about trying this brand new clothing Masquerade? It would look sharp on you!

Masquerade Outfit is an Artifact suit that includes an Outfit and Wings. Collect 1 part to activate 1 skill, and collect 2 to activate both skills.
Besides looking sharp, don’t forget its unique powers! When put on Masquerade, you possess the power of cursing your enemies and obtain self-healing effects while dealing great damages to them!
Suit Skills
Blood Bats (Max Level): Deal (383%+14300) DMG to the target with the lowest HP and half that damage to surrounding targets. Also inflicts a "Blood Curse" on the main target that causes all self-healing effects (including life steal and HP recovery) from the target to heal the caster of the Curse instead. Blood Curse lasts 2 turns, ignores immunities, and cannot be dispelled.
Dark Blast (Max Level): Deal (258%+9620) DMG to the 2 enemies with the lowest HP and heal self for +50% of the DMG done.

Spectral Mount: Poltergeist

To celebrate this Halloween, we are happy to introduce a new mount Poltergeist! Poltergeist, a pumpkin ghost who will only appear in the most hilarious place during Halloween! Now he came to Sapphire and would like to bring some fun to all warriors! Who want to take a ride on this Spectral Mount?

Poltergeist is an Artifact Mount, let’s check out its skills in more details below.

Haunt (Max Level): At the start of the battle, Storm Avatar buffs the entire squad, increasing ATK by 31% and Agility by 14.5%, lasts 5 rounds.
Affliction (Max Level): When attacked, reduce the attacker's Rage by 75. Also reduce attacker's ATK and DEF by 14% for 2 turns (this effect can stack 2 times).
Poltergeist will be available soon. Stay tuned to the official website and FB page for more news about Poltergeist!
Play League of Angels II and enjoy your Halloween holiday!

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