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Evolve Your Mythic Pets to Artifact Quality

17:10 Nov 09,2017

A new feature called Hyper Evolve has just been added to the Pet system with the release of the update V3.10! Hyper Evolve is a new evolve method that specially applies to Mythic Pets which allows players to evolve their Mythic Pets to Artifact quality and unlock even more powerful attributes! Read on to learn more about the Hyper Evolve feature!

Access: Click on the “Battle Pet” icon and find the “Hyper Evolve” button on Mythic Pets panel to access.

PS: The “Hyper Evolve” button will only show up on the Mythic Pets panel of the ones you have already unlocked.

Mythic Pets that currently can be evolved to Artifact quality are: Candy Prince, Mystic Fox,
Kitsune, Azurous, and Dragonite.

Hyper Evolve offers you an easier and more convenient way to evolve your Mythic Pets to Artifact quality, making them stronger than ever, and nearly as powerful as other Artifact pets.

To Hyper Evolve your Mythic Pets, you must collect the Hyper Evo Cores of each Mythic Pet, specific Bloodstones, and Pet Essences. The more stars your Mythic Pet already has, the more items you will need to Hyper Evolve them. Hyper Evo Cores will be available from in-game events.

When using Hyper Evolve, all the previous progressions will be retained and the Mythic Pet will directly become an Artifact one. Players will see the basic attributes and skills increase greatly. After Hyper Evolve, players can continue improving their evolved pets using Level up, Augment, Upgrade, Awaken.

Want to seen how strong your Mythic Pets will become after Hyper Evolve? Play League of Angels II now and experience it for yourself! It’s time to unleash the true power of your mythic pets! And be sure to keep an eye on the official LoA2 website and our FB page for more news about upcoming content!

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