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New Artifact Raiju Descends!

14:29 Nov 13,2017

Following the appearance of Grove Warden, another new Artifact pet Raiju has emerged from the forests to join you as a loyal companion! Crackling with electricity all over his body, this mystical and mischievous creature is a wild and eccentric master of lightning. How will Raiju turn the battle in your favor? Let’s take a look at his skills.

Besides granting players great attributes bonus, Raiju also owns stunning skills. His skill Shock Raid deals impressive damage to all enemy targets with a chance to prevent them from using any of their skills!

Pet Skills:
Shock Raid (Max Level): Deal (202%+7530) DMG to all enemies with a 100% chance to stop targets from performing any actions for 1 turn.
Thunderblade (Max Level): Deal (261%+9720) DMG to a horizontal row of enemies and Bleed targets for 75% of ATK as DMG each turn for 2 turns; this bleed effect ignores immunities.
If you want to have Raiju as your faithful follower, then don’t forget to participate in the Single Server Resource Tycoon from Nov. 15th to Nov. 19th Get as many Tycoon points as you can and Raiju could be yours! Please stay tuned for more exciting news regarding League of Angels II!

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