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Baby Flipper Brings a Christmas Surprise to Sapphire!

17:02 Dec 11,2017

Baby Flipper, a new wintry pet, is the second present that Santa Claus is bringing to everyone this Christmas! This adorable penguin from the most frigid polar regions is here as the official envoy of Santa Claus. Don’t let his cute looks fool you, this little guy packs a big surprise that will leave your enemies stunned and awed!

Gliding around the ice with his bag full of mysterious gifts, Baby Flipper is looking for those on
Santa’s naughty list to hand out some very special surprises! Who will be lucky, or unlucky,
enough to get Baby Flipper’s gifts? Only you can decide!

Baby Flipper is an Artifact Battle Pet that inflicts a powerful chilled debuff on the enemy back row
and deals great damage to them when using its skill, Frostbite.    

Pet Skills (Max Level):

Deal (326%+12150) DMG to the enemy's back row and add a "Chilled" debuff, causing targets to lose 7.5% of their max HP and reducing their Agility by 25% each turn for 2 turns.

Mystery Gift:

Deal (414%+15440) DMG to the enemy with the highest ATK with a 100% chance to Stun. This skill cannot miss and the Stun effect will ignore immunities.

Can’t wait to give this cuddly little guy new home? Baby Flipper is waiting for you in both Resource Tycoon and Events. Collect as much resources as you can in Single-Server Resource Tycoon and claim your own Baby Flipper from Dec. 12th to Dec. 17th.
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