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GTarcade Mini-client: Free Rewards with G Coins and Points!

10:29 Feb 26,2018

GTarcade proudly introduces G Coins and Points in its new update on Feb. 26th, with extra benefits and rewards for all GTarcade players. Want to get more value out of your purchases? Check this out!

G Coins
G Coins is a new, secure way to recharge to your games and gain extra value from it. For example, recharging 10$ will give you 1000 G Coins and 1000 Points. G Coins will never expire and you can use them to purchase any in-game items as you normally would; you’ll also gain 1000 Points, which you can use to exchange for a “Divine Resource Gift Pack” for LOA:II. Check out all the fancy gifts you can exchange with your Points in Points Exchange!

Besides recharging, simply playing the games will also reward you with Points. Playing games for an hour will yield 20 Points, and you may gain up to 40 Points this way per day. We’ll also introduce more ways for you to get free Points in the future.

Newest Update V1.2.0
1. Added My Wallet where G Coin and Points can be deposited, G Coin and Points balance can be checked via mini client's My Account>Wallet
2. Can recharge using G Coin
3. Added Points Store where game items and Live gifts can be redeemed
4. Added payment password to ensure transaction security
5. Recharging G Coin always awards Points

Finally, if you have any problems or suggestions when using the Gtarcade Mini-Client new version, please leave us a comment to our forum and make your voice heard. Your opinion matters to us and we will strive to create the best experience possible for our players.

Download Mini-Client New Version now>>>https://www.gtarcade.com/en/micro/download?game_id=160

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