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Matchmaking Bear Makes His Debut in Resource Tycoon!

12:09 Feb 27,2018

League of Angels II is excited to introduce a new battle pet: Matchmaking Bear! Legend has it whoever owns this bear will find everlasting love. This cuddly teddy bear plush is fond of heart-shaped items, cute bows and lovely crowns. What surprises will this new pet bring to League of Angels II? Read on to learn more!
Image 1 League of Angels II New Battle Pet Matchmaking Bear

Matchmaking Bear is here to help people find their true love, which is why his skills are named Lovebirds and Soulmates. But don’t let the names and his adorable appearance fool you, this Artifact battle pet will use his skills to punish those who stand in the way of love.
Image 2 League of Angels II New Battle Pet Matchmaking Bear

▶Pet Skills
Lovebirds (Lv.1): Deal (324%+110) damage to the two enemies with the lowest HP with a 33% chance to charm the targets (this effect ignores immunities).
Soulmates (Lv.1): Deal (ATK x162%+50) damage to all enemies and reduce their ATK and DEF by 8% (this effect ignores immunities).

Image3: League of Angels II Battle Pet Matchmaking Bear Skill

Go and discover your special someone during this month of love! You’d better hurry if you want to own Matchmaking Bear when he makes his debut in Resource Tycoon from Feb. 28th to Mar. 4th! Stay tuned for more content coming to one of the most popular free to play MMORPG’s of 2017!

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