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Click the Star to Claim Daily Free Points in GTarcade Mini Client

17:34 Mar 09,2018

Better Experience: Points Claiming and Points Store!

GTarcade's mini client releases its newest version V1.2.1 on March 9, 2018. In the new version, we provide a more comprehensive and more convenient Points and Points Store service. We sincerely welcome you to experience our newest version. 

Play games every day to receive extra Points

In the new version, you can claim Points reward by accumulating game time in your game window. When you are done with your spectacular gaming adventures, don't forget to claim your extra Points reward!
Rule: Game for an hour to receive 20 Points. Daily max is 40 Points, this limit resets on EST 24:00 every day.

Of course, if somehow you were unable to claim your Points reward on time, GTarcade will save the reward for you out of courtesy. That is, you will be able to claim Day 1's reward on Day 2. However, unclaimed rewards will disappear for good on Day 3.

A shortcut for Wallet has been added next to your avatar on the Mini Client's home page
On GTarcade Mini Client's main interface, a shortcut to Wallet has been added next to the avatar. Click the Wallet logo to view your G Coins and Points balance

A shortcut button has been added for Points Store
To help you browse and exchange for Points gifts conveniently, GTarcade has added a convenient directory for the Points Store on your left sidebar. You can use the Points that GTarcade has awarded you to select game gift packs or Live gifts so that your gaming experience will be enriched. As shown by the picture below.
Game window has also added a button for the Points Store, simply click to be directed to the Points Store.

GTarcade is constantly striving to make our mini client better for our users. 

Lastly, if you have any suggestions or advice, do not hesitate to give feedback to our customer support and forum. We look forward to hearing from each and every one of you. Enjoy your gaming!

GTarcade official download link: https://www.gtarcade.com/en/micro/download?game_id=160

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